Fan noise is created as air passes through the grille and enters the blower wheel assembly or fan blade as much of the noise is a function of the blower wheel.

Panasonic fans use a large diameter, wide blower wheel that moves a large amount of air at reduced RPMs. The blower wheel is approximately 60% larger than the competition's, but turns at a lower RPM, reducing tip speed and therefore noise.

The double suction blower wheel is designed to draw in air from both sides of the wheel as this helps keep the noise down and there is more area for the air to enter the wheel.

The exhaust outlet is as wide as the blower wheel, allowing less turbulent airflow as it enters the duct. It is then gradually stepped down before it enters the duct.

Panasonic fans use a four-pole condenser motor which helps the fan to rotate smoothly and evenly, reducing noise.