Panasonic fans are designed to provide continuous operation for a minimum of 30,000 hours. They are actually designed to provide up to 100,000 hours of operation, but most fans have not been around long enough to reach that goal in testing. Some fans, however, have reached 60,000 hours in testing with virtually no wear on their components.

The following features enable the longevity of Panasonic fans:

Motor production

Panasonic motor production is fully automated, with an automatic defect detecting system and have a defect rate of less than 0.0006%.

ISO 9001 plant

The production facilities that build Panasonic fans have been recognized by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as being among the highest quality factories in the world.

Motor design

The electrical design of the fan motor allows it to operate at lower temperatures than most other motors, increasing the life of the motor and its bearings.

Fan housing

The fan housing is made of heavy gauge zinc galvanized steel, and painted to protect it from rust.