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Barcode Scanners

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  1. Omnidirectional Scanner XL-2200

    Omnidirectional Scanner XL-2200

    ●32 bit CPU hardware decoding, easily and precisely scanning
    ●Support both omni-directional and single-line scanning
    ●Support multiple interfaces
    ●5 mil optical resolution

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  2. Sunlux 2D wilreless Barcode Scanner XL-9610

    Sunlux 2D wilreless Barcode Scanner XL-9610

    ◎ 2200mAh Battery Capacity
    ◎ Transfer distance 2.4G: 150M & Bluetooth:10M
    ◎ With memory, can store 100,000 EAN-13 barcode
    ◎ Long working time: one full charge support 60,000/times scan
    ◎ Support update online, more convenient for after-sales service
    ◎ Flexible in reading 1D&2D code (including colored, stained and fuzzy code)

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  3. MagTek Credit Card Swiper

    MagTek Credit Card Swiper

    Powered by USB bus-no external power supply required.
    The MagTek MiniUSB Stripe Reader works with existing software application developed for keyboard interface. Powered by USB bus-no external power supply required. Hardware compatible with any computer or terminal with an USB interface. Dual and three track capability.
    Keyboard Emulation Software Interface: Data is sent as if it were a USB keyboard. Read data can be viewed in applications such as Windows Notepad without requiring additional drivers or application programming.
    Human Interface Device (HID) Software Interface: A developed or modified application is required to communicate with this device. Data will not be seen in applications such as Windows Notepad. USB Swipe & Insert Reader Demo Program can be used to communicate with the USB SureSwipe Swipe Card Reader.

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  4. 2D Generation Barcode Scanner XL-3610

    2D Generation Barcode Scanner XL-3610

    ◎ Unique appearance, stylish shape, modern design
    ◎ 0.3 million global shutter camera, fast reading speed 60fps/s
    ◎ Fast reading on all 1D/2D barcode on paper and screen
    ◎ Quick decoding 3mil barcode and difficult barcodes
    ◎ Compatible with Windows 7/8/10, iOS, Android, Linux system
    ◎ Suitable for retail stores, supermarkets, restaurant, pharmacy

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  5. XL-6500A - Handfree Barcode Scanner

    XL-6500A - Handfree Barcode Scanner

    ●Firmware can be upgraded online.
    ●Scanner with auto sensor and stand.
    ●Plug and play, ready for all POS system. 
    ●Support serial port command setting, make the second development convenient.
    ●Aggressive scanning performance on difficult codes.(low print contrast, damaged, fuzzy and long codes).

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5 Item(s)