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Gas Ignition & Oil Primary Controls

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  1. ALLTEMP Gas Ignition - 24-ICM283

    ALLTEMP Gas Ignition - 24-ICM283

    Input Voltage:120 & 24 VAC, 60Hz

    • HSI: 120V, 5A max
    • Valve: 24V, 2A max
    • Total: 24V Load = 0.4 + valve load

    Pre-purge time: 32 seconds

    Trial time: 4 or 7 seconds (switch selectable)

    Ignition trials to lockout: 1 or 3 (switch selectable)

    Flame sense: single rod or dual rod

    Gas type: Natural or LP


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  2. ALLTEMP Gas Ignition - 24-ICM290

    ALLTEMP Gas Ignition - 24-ICM290

    Control Voltage: Line 24V (18-30VAC) 50/60Hz

    Anticipator setting: 0.1A + valve load @ 24VAC

    Trial for ignition: 15 or 90 seconds (switch selectable)


    - Green status LED provides system status and error codes

    - Yellow flame LED indicates flame presence and flame strength

    Operating temperatures: min. ambient temp. rating of -40°F (-40°C) and max. of 176°F (75°C)

    Relative humidity: 0% to 95% non condensing

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  3. ALLTEMP Oil Primary Control - 24-ICM1501

    ALLTEMP Oil Primary Control - 24-ICM1501

    ICM Controls ICM1501 Intermittent Ignition Oil Primary Control with 15 seconds Safety Timing

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  4. ALLTEMP Oil Primary Control - 24-ICM1502

  5. ALLTEMP Oil Primary Control - 24-ICM1503

5 Item(s)